Advocacy begins with ME !
In recent months, we have been bombarded with breaking news - some horrifying to say the least and as we try to wrap our minds around these occurrences, there are more more questions than answers.

According to news reports on May 14, a gunman opened fire in a Buffalo (Eastside) supermarket killing 10 in a racist attack. Survivors who were shopping at the time took cover in bathrooms, under counters and anywhere they could hide and prayed - wondering what's going to happen next - would I be next?

In the gospel of John 14:26, Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as the advocate. This advocate/consoler/comforter/helper Jesus tells his first followers during his farewell discourse, would be sent by God to work among them - to teach and remind them of the examples he set forth during his time with them.

As baptized children of God - Baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we believed that the Holy Spirit of God resides in us in effect making us advocates of those in need - you are by virtue of your baptism a representative, caregiver, comforter, consoler, motivator and helper.

I encourage you or challenge you to be the voice of the unheard, unseen or underserved, under-appreciated and undervalued for they too are a part of God's creation. Yes, advocacy begins with ME !
The Rev. Romeo K. Dabee
JFK Airport Community Minister